Tashkent market meets the production of frozen French fries

Tashkent market meets the production of frozen French fries

Solanuz factory for production high quality French fries and potato flakes has been launched in Tashkent.

One of the most popular menu items of almost any catering establishments in Uzbekistan is French fries. It can be met in an expensive restaurant, and in a coffee shop, and in a national cuisine restaurant, and, of course, in any fast food chain.

Although researchers note that French fries is not quite familiar product for Uzbekistan, Tashkent residents alone consume about 500 tons of French fries in restaurants and cafes monthly. It turns out to be an impressive figure.

Potatoes are grown in 130 countries, it is in the top 5 products of the modern person’s diet. Traditionally, countries like Russia, China, Poland, USA and India have produced potato. 10 years ago, potatoes started to be grown in Uzbekistan on homestead areas as wheat’s re-planting.

Potato production on an industrial scale was impossible, there was no experience of mechanization of the entire production cycle and long-term storage. But the full cycle of potato processing and monoculture cluster created by Agrover have great prospects and bring the production of this crop to a new level.

Thus, a gala opening ceremony of Solanuz factory – the first factory in Central Asia for processing potato. It is focused on the production of two types of semi-finished products: french fries and potato flakes. The design capacity is 20 000 tons of finished products per year and good export potential as there is no such factory in the neighboring countries.

"It is important to note that about 80% of the potatoes grown by us will now be processed into flakes and fries – we need to cover the entire local market and send the product for export. The factory produces two tons of French fries per hour, 48 tons per day. Every month it is more than a thousand tons of finished products. So far, semi-finished products are supplied only to catering establishments because of large-volume packaging, but soon the consumer will be able to buy our products in stores in small packages," says Farkhod Tohirov, Executive Director of Agrover.

Smooth oval potatoes, are washed and steam cleaned after sorting process. This is followed by mechanical cutting and double blanching to half-readiness. Then the slices are ready to follow with frying system, where they are sent straight to the the shock freezing chamber. Frozen French fries are packed and sent for sale. The product is almost ready for use.

Main consumers – representatives of HoReCa – treated the guests with Solanuz French fries from Go’sht restaurants food-track in the framework of the International Potato Day.

International Potato Day was an intensive event. Among the VIP guests there were the representatives of Governmental agencies, Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector, one of the largest companies of CIS countries and Europe Grimme, Amazone, Tolsma-Grisnich), Association of potato producers of Uzbekistan, farmers, journalists, bloggers.

The guests had time to visit the exhibition of modern agricultural equipment and cooperation exchange for agricultural producers, to establish cooperation with foreign guests, to discuss the intricacies of growing and storing potatoes. The highlight of the event was not left without attention – a potato bar with a variety of dishes from the main product of the event: varying from the usual Uzbek national “samsa” and potato wedges to exquisite cheese and potato ice cream.

Iskander Isaev, representative of KFC Uzbekistan said:

“I have very positive impressions of what I saw at the International Potato Day. We were impressed by the scale and quality of production, as well as the high rate of product tastes.”

Malik Karimov, Anglesey Food marketing department manager:

“I was surprised by the scale of the production organization, the level of equipment technology and the scientific approach to the work of Solanuz. Taste and quality of production satisfied me. I would like to wish the company good luck in the development of the potato industry in Uzbekistan”.

The great product will soon be possible to try not only in Tashkent restaurants, but to cook at home for the loved ones. All you need to do to get crispy Golden slices with amazing taste as served in the best restaurants of the world is to fry for five minutes in a small amount of oil.


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